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Restoring & Protecting our Motoring History


Important Update

COVID-19 restrictions apply for all club events planned, inluding meetings.

Advices to club members will continue to be circulated by email.

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You've seen them around. Many of us remember them from our childhood. Grandad had one, or we knew where an old car was rusting away behind a shed. Veteran, Vintage and Classics cars......

These older cars are part of our motoring heritage. All our cars have been lovingly restored, bringing them back to their original condition or better. Through the efforts of their owners, these cars remain a part of this heritage. Brisbane Vintage Auto Club is dedicated to restoring and caring for our motoring history. Without people to restore and maintain these cars, this motoring history would be lost forever.

BVAC is an inexpensive, friendly, family club catering exclusively for Veteran, Vintage, post-Vintage and classic vehicles built up to 1969. We promote the restoration to original condition and also the use and exhibition of Veteran, Vintage & Post Vintage vehicles by members in competition and social activities. We assist members to locate, restore and maintain their vehicles. We have a library to assist members in obtaining information relating to their vehicles. We co-operate with other clubs & associations with similar aims.

Club Activities

BVAC meets on a regular basis. The monthly club meetings are a great opportunity to catch up with club-mates. Regular rallies - a popular way to get together, drive the old cars and have a pleasant outing visiting interesting places. We have both weekend and mid-week rallies. We support various organisations such as schools, Councils and historical societies by attending their functions to show our cars. Often club members dress in the period of their cars. We visit other car clubs in other towns and regions for rallies and events such as swap meets and "Show & Shines".

For more information, contact us or visit us at our monthly club meeting.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month (except January) at the Lawnton showgrounds at 7.30pm.

Please contact webmaster for any query in regard to the Brisbane Vintage Auto Club or its activities.

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